Re: NVDA key to be assignable to any key

Aman Singer


The difficulty, of course, is that each person will have his own useless key depending on his circumstances. That is, the Mac user might want to use one of the control keys, I want to use the right alt, others might want to use the ` key, still others might use backslash... A user-definable key would do away with the need for judging which of the keys is most useless and allow the user to choose the key which is most convenient. It's also worth noting that people might want to control things from modified keyboards, sticks, etc, and again, defining by keycode rather than any hard-coded value would allow such people to do what they wanted. Obviously, this would be in addition to the current system, the issue first proposing it even suggested a hidden option and, so long as it's documented, I think that would work well. There is no doubt that the current setup is the most suitable for the vast majority of people, this is just an idea for the few who might want it.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA key to be assignable to any key

Not so sure they are the same. When using another device to control the machine its more like the remote add on situation I would imagine.
The question really is, what key could one use that is not important in any other setting if its hi jacked for the nvda key. Might be interesting to see if the Shark works and kind of see what they did if it does.

I'm thinking of some kind of double tap of a key with the other key you need or something like that.
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