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I have noticed that some alerts in windows and other software are using some odd way of displaying a message. Even if it opens in the background, alt tabbing to it will not actually read it. sometimes, but not always, you can switch to screen virtual nav and read it a bit at a time, but not always.
I noticed in Jaws this happens far less and it seems able to read these. Obviously the text can be seen by nvda, its just the automatic reading when appropriate which is missing. Its quite hard to do an nvda/F1 on some of these without losing the focus and getting meaningless log entries though.
I'm just guessing this is what is being discussed.
Nodal windows or some such or errors say in a C program or an exception somewhere in a program are the main ones. The other problem I often see is that nvda cannot reboot while an error that crashed its error is on screen. sometimes Narrator will read those but not always.
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Please explain what you mean by "virtualize a window".

That phrase doesn't mean anything to me (and therefore, maybe not to others
here either).


On Friday 12 October 2018 at 17:48:43, Michael Munn wrote:

Hi all, This is Michael. i have a question about a feature in NVDA.
How can one virtualize a window using NVDA? I'm asking that because
yesterday I was doing something with NVDa and some error message pop up
and I couldn't read it because I don't know how to virtualize the message.
I would be able to read it if I use Jaws. I'm not saying bad thing about
the nvda Screen reader. Please help if you all can.
Best Regards Michael Munn
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