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Not sure about a shortcut for reporting which line you are on but there is a setting under document formatting called line numbers which would need to be checked to report a line. There may be a setting under the input gestures in nvda.

Just checked and there is and it looks as though you can asign a key for it to to toggle it on and off. Not some thing i have used for a long time.

So not sure when it is on it says the number but guess it would and when off you do not hear it at all.

Gene nz

that may allow you to assign one? 

On 13/10/2018 10:27 PM, Angelo Sonnesso wrote:
Is there a way to fine out what line you are on in your document?
In Jaws when you press insert/caps lock plus period it tells you the line
number you are on.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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