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Thanks. I think I did try that a few months ago, but I had problems with it. I must try again.



Il 13/10/2018 21:48, Chris Mullins ha scritto:


You could try <> a daisy reader I used a few years ago which I believe is free.



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Try installing a JAWS demo and see if the reader works with whatever screen-reader you want to use.  It is far from settled that it can't be run if JAWS is installed as a demo.  There have been contradictory reports.


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Hello here,

What about a free Daisy reader for those poor users who haven't got Jaws
on their pcs? Is there anything available?

Thanks, ciao,


Il 13/10/2018 16:16, Richard Wells ha scritto:

I just ran FSReader as well and it runs fine with NVDA running.

On 10/13/2018 3:48 AM, David Griffith wrote:

This is strange.

I have just gone back  and run FS Reader without any issue using the
latest NVDA release.

I have Jaws 18 and 19 Beta installed on this system though.

It may be that the software now checks for a Jaws licence even if it
is not running.

If this is so I am sorry for misleading the list as I was unaware of
this change.

David Griffith

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You say that but I did this and tried to use it and it said you have
to have

Jaws running to use this software.

That did not used to happen before this year.

Brian <>

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FS Reader works fine in NVDA.

Just install Jaws and let it alone and run FS Reader and use it

David Griffith

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From: Robert Doc Wright godfearer

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Subject: [nvda] daisy book reader

Is there a reader similar to jaws fsReader for NVDA?

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