Re: Is WordPress content management accessible?


2 things:
1) The classic editor will still be available, you'll just have to
change the default; &
2) While it's not the most pleasant experience ever, I did work w/GB &
I could do what I wanted to do w/it. There were some compatibility
issues between it & other plugs I was using, so I quit using it, but
it really was not due to accessibility.

On 10/14/18, Greg Wocher <gwocher@...> wrote:
The one thing to watch is for the 5.0 release which will have the Gutenberg
editor. This editor is still not accessible. It is causing some issues
within the WP community. For example the WP accessibility lead developer
just resigned over this new editor.

Greg Wocher

On Oct 14, 2018, at 1:03 PM, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:

It sure is. I've ben using it since 2011. And on a lot of websites.

Take care

On 13 Oct 2018, at 23:54, John J. Boyer wrote:


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