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Often, just because a resource is for JAWS doesn't mean it can't be used by other screen-reader users.  If this material contains JAWS specific commands, then you may not be able to use those commands.  But if there are equivalent commands in NVDA and you know them or learn them, then you may be able to use the information.  Or the information may not be JAWS specific or some or much of it may not.  Just because a JAWS source is given doesn't mean it can't be used.  And if JAWS commands are given, you can ask if there are equivalents on the list. 
In this case, I didn't look at the material and I don't know what information is given so I can't comment on the usefulness of the material.  But it shouldn't be assumed to be useless.  I would suggest reading it to find out.

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I appreciated Rui's comment/question. Most of us here are not part of any JFW groups and would not easily access them as resources.
Thanks Rui, for mentioning what I was thinking.


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Sorry, are we not in a NVDA list?
Sorry that you don't believe that pointing to resources elsewhere is appropriate.   That's your issue, not mine.  I will continue doing so.
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