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Ann Byrne

Press f6 to get to the status bar. If the word count isn't displayed, press the applications key and arrow through the display choices to activate the word count.

At 06:33 AM 10/15/2018, you wrotBut using that command reads the entire status bar and it is very difficult, if possible at all, to pick out that one number from all the other information. However, if you read the status line, that moves the NVDA review location to the status line. So, if you figure out what order the information is presented, you can review the line item by item and determine the number.

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As I said, the hotkey is NVDA+End.


Às 01:29 de 15/10/2018, Pranav Lal escreveu:

Use the f6 key to cycle between the document
and the status bar. I do not know of a hotkey to read it but this may be a good feature request.


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