Re: Windows key combination to change screen orientation

Laurie Mehta

Thanks very much Lino, Brian, and Aravind. (smile)

On Mon, 10/15/18, Laurie Mehta via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I've got it, but thanks anyway.
Here's what happened...
The orientation of my screen got flipped inadvertently-- not a problem for me but a problem for sighted onlookers.
NVDA continued to work just fine while the orientation had the screen upside down.
The combination control+alt+up arrow was not working to flip the screen orientation back to normal.
Then I re-booted the laptop thinking this would set things back to normal, but it did not.
So, I unloaded NVDA and then used control+alt+up arrow and that did the trick making the screen return to the normal orientation. I re-started NVDA after that.
This laptop is running Windows 7 and my NVDA is the most recent regular release. Strange.
On Mon, 10/15/18, Laurie Mehta via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Could one of you please remind me what is the key combination in Windows to flip the screen back to its normal orientation after it had been inadvertently turned upside down?
Thanks very much! (smile)

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