Re: Firefox 63 beta 64 and windows 7 64 not working again

Antony Stone

Why do you trust a closed system created by Apple and not a more open system
created by Google?

Apple has more opportunities to hide stuff inside their system that snoops on
your privacy, and I think both have equal interest in the value of the data.


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I think your main issue on an android phone is going to be data snooping
altogether whatever you use, as Android is an open system and designed by
google and as such is there to provide them with access to you as a data
mining site. Obviously, one has to trust they are ethical and all that. If
you want a secure mobile then only Apple will provide that, but at a heck
of a cost.
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hi shaun.
thanks for your reply.
i dont really understand why mozilla company should consider
accessibility as a security risk?
on windows, firefox quantum crashes and is very unstable and slow for
me and i never use it and use firefox 52 forever.
but, i wish to buy an android phone, which version of firefox should i
install that not face these problems which i saw on windows and i
appreciate your comment that you confirmed it\?
Ramdisk is not an installation procedure.

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