Re: accessible Medium desktop client


when you copy and paste from an offline editor to the Medium platform, all of your formatting and links and otherwise are gone. Medium has keyboard commands, but the developers are moving very slow when it comes to accessibility. In one update, they fixed some accessibility bugs, unlabeled buttons, VO, VoiceOver, losing focus, in their IOS app but nothing after that. On the bright side, their dashbard is somewhat usable. I was able to join the partner program, although, I still have no idea why, one month, my one article about accessibility training landed me $2,000 when the others fluctuate month to month. Anyway, as of now, there is no integrated offline solution. Open Live Writer is a solution, but someone told me filling in all of those missing accessibility attributes would be way too much work for 1 person to do, and, so, well, here I am.

I can use wordpress and but it does not make me money. Medium is making it really easy for independant writers to generate an income. Same with Patreon, which is why I am aggressively trying to make these platforms accessible. I mean come on, I can't be the only blind content creator out there, can I?

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