NVDA and eclipse

Diego Ricardo Matos <diegoricardomatosm4@...>

Hello guys!
I am having several problems with the eclipse and NVDA.
I am programming in java language, and when I open the program, NVDA
is unable to put the focus in the program.
When I go with alt+tab and I press NvDA+t, he speaks only explorer.
It's as if NvDA is not able to interact with it, but in fact, if I
type something still works.
Another problem I have are the on-screen messages and dialogs question
NVDA can't read.
Any idea?
I have already enabled the java access bridge by painéu control, and I'm
using the jdk 8 32-bit, along with the eclipse 32-bit, NVDA 2018.3.2
and windows 10 64-bit.
What do you do?
Sorry for my english.

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