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the program or web mail page you are using has nothing to do with this.  If you typae a link, the browser or web mail receiving the message and reading sees it as a link.  It's a function of the recipient's way of reading a message. 
I don't know anything about viewing an attachment as HTML using a web mail program.  You can Download the attachment and open it in the intended or compatible program.  If you can view it online while using Webmail, I can't address that. 
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Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 2:46 PM
Subject: [nvda] NVDA with Links and Attachments

Hi NVDA Group,

I have both Mozilla (older classic) version on my computer, probably
52 as well as Internet Explorer 10 as browser options. In my
profession, I need to view attachments, and it would be helpful to
view them as prepared rather than in HTML. I use GMail.

The questions are these:
1. In GMail, If I type in an internet address using Internet Explorer,
will it automatically become a link in the email? Is there a hot key
to do the same with Mozilla?
I read where Mozilla changed things so links add when an email arrives
at the receiving program at that program's discretion.
2.  Per attachments, how can I open an attachment in GMail with
Mozilla,as a totally blind user? The old method has not worked for a
good 2 years.
Or, is there an email service that would run like a Classic Google Version?
Thanks for advisement on both issues.

David Russell

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