Re: determining the color of a text in Excel with NVDA

Jonathan COHN

Well, negative numbers can be represented visually many ways and nno matter how they are displayed if the formulas are going to work they need to be negative numbers.

Some possibilities: look at the "filter special" functionality there you can filter by color or value. i.e. only shows rows where Column C is red or where column c has a value less than 200.

Although my understanding of Excel filters is very limited, I have only been able to create filters for specific columns in a table, not the entire table or row values which could be useful in this case.

2. Change numeric cell formatting there is a grid to select a format for negative numbers. You should be able to do this unless the sheet creator
3.Search functionality [appears to be a not possible]locked down formats.

I would have expected that with all the mathematical word done in Excel that one could search by numerical values, but I did not see an option to find the next cell with value < a specific number.
4. Pose the problem to the Microsoft accessibility desk. I can't believe you are the first person to encounter RED negatives and not been able to find them.

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Yes which is why I'd want to know, not by a stupid colour but by a minus

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> Fixing this will require

. . . making any negative number be announced as negative, regardless of
what anything else says.

Math is math, and positive is positive and negative is negative and ne'er
the twain shall be the same. It is essential that anyone working with
numeric values knows the actual value of said numbers.


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