Re: determining the color of a text in Excel with NVDA

Mary Otten

Your understanding is correct, Brian. I don’t want to use a filter. I don’t want to see numbers in isolation. I simply want to be able to read this document and know if the number I am looking at is negative or not. This doesn’t seem like it should be rocket science, but apparently it is.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding Mary Otten's original post, the issue is not really with finding anything, but with actually knowing what one is working with numerically when one simply encounters it.

I was absolutely floored that two screen readers read a negative number that used color-based formatting to indicate the negative state (and nothing else) by what was displayed in the cell in characters, not the actual data value contained in the cell.  That's just wrong, plain and simple, whether we're dealing with a cell that uses a formula to derive a value or is a numeric cell where someone entered a negative value manually.


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