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Thunderbird is an e-mail program.  How do you know that you can't just type an address?  That should create a link.  It is not the originating program that does anything to make a link.  The address is sent exactly as you type it.  The [person who receives the message sees it as a link because that's how e-mail clients, and, presumably, webmail works.  I see no reason and it would actually require changing the content in some way, for Firefox not to allow receiving clients to see these addresses as links.  Send yourself a test e-mail and look at it in some way that you know you see links.

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Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2018 11:22 AM
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Links and Attachments

Hello Everyone,

Last evening, the digest form of the email, 3,526, omitted numbers
four and five from the body of the email: my topic, NVDA Links and
Attachments, and some other topic. It ends with NVDA and Eclipse being

I think the digest only allows for so much space for body content.

I am going to write the folks who produce Intopia, and see if they can
make recommends, or if someone here wants to write me off group,
please do.
The questions are:
Opening attachments in GMail with other options than View As HTML. Is
Thunderbird an email program or service?
2.  Is there any way to add links when typing them in an email if
Mozilla is the browser being used?

I am using the #52 version.  Thanks.

David Russell
"chilah phanim" Make G-d smile!

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