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Proofreading a message is not the same as receiving a message.  Proofreading a message being composed will usually not show links as links, as far as I know.  As far as I know, this is JAWS doing what a screen-reader shouldn't do, pretending something is being shown as a link when it isn't and is just text as far as a sighted person reading a message they are composing is concerned.  But if I'm wrong, I hope to be corrected.  I've never checked this.  But JAWS didn't used to announce link and NVDA doesn't. 
If someone receives a message from you and you have written a link properly, of link or of link, if that person doesn't see the structure as a linkk, that's their problem.  Maybe they are reading mail as plain text and maybe their e-mail program doesn't show mail as a link in plain text.

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Hello Everyone,

Gene, I understand what you are saying about links and will send
myself a test message. However, If I copy and paste a YouTube link, or
a specified URL is typed in an email, as I proof-read my email,
oftentimes the word 'link' will not be heard with the URL. In some
cases, people have told me that the URL did not get received by them
as a link, only the URL itself. Moreover, the same is observed to
occur on Facebook.

At one point in the past, it seems typed URL's did automatically
appear with a link in one's email and not too terribly long ago..
I'll send this communication to myself as well, thank you.

David Russell

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