Re: BrailleNote Apex will no work with latest NVDA and Bluetooth

Antony Stone

Firstly I would ask whether it worked with a previous version of NVDA, or is
this the first version you're trying to connect it with?

Secondly I would ask whether it works using USB, or whatever alternative
connection it supports other than Bluetooth.


On Thursday 18 October 2018 at 22:55:46, Armando Maldonado wrote:

I'm trying to connect my brailleNote Apex with latest NVDA release and no
matter what HumanWare Braillenote driver I choose I get a Cannot load
Braille driver error. How can I remedy this issue and how can I save this
so NVDA can remember which display to use so it will not revert to No
Braille? Thanks. Armando
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