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In my last message, I should have said that if Word Wrap is already checked, press escape twice to get back to the main window and then close the program if you wish.

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What does it do with other text files?  I've seen something like this happen with this or that program at times but never as a general pattern in numerous programs.  There is no way to misconfigure this behavior.  It is a feature in NVDA and it can't be changed.  I'm not sure why you are having the problem. 
It may be that the text file is somehow not in proper form,  Try the following:
In Notepad, Open the menus.
Right arrow to format. 
Down arrow to Word Wrap. If you hear checked after word wrap is announced, there is nothing to do.  Press escape in that case to return to the main window and then close the program if you wish.  If you don't hear checked, press enter.  The menu will close and Word Wrap is now checked.  Now, open the file in Notepad and see if it reads properly.  While I don't think this will solve the problem, I can't think of any other possible solutions and this one might work.
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Dear fellow users,

I hope someone will be able to tell me what I am doing wrong here.

I have a big .txt file, and I thought I would just sit back and ask NVDA
to read it to me by pressing the usual command, insert+down arrow.
Unfortunately after two or three paragraphs, the reading stops, and the
cursor is still at the beginning of the file. If I go down with the
arrow keys and find the place where it stopped reading, it does
continue, but again only for about a minute, and it stops again. Once
more, the cursor is where I left it.

Isn't it supposed to read the document until the end? Or at least until
we stop it? I tried Notepad, QRead, even Notepad++. The behaviour is the
same, so I presume I haven't configured NVDA correctly, but I can't
guess which setting is to be modified.

Thank you very much for enlightening me on this. I'd love to be able to
enjoy this book without having to go down line by line.

Warm regards,


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