Tables are not recognized on a computer but are on another

Cleverson Casarin Uliana

Hi all, in both my computer at home and at my workplace, I use NVDA 2018.3.2, and the Waterfox browser 64-bit. The only difference is that here at home I have Windows 10 and at my workplace it is Windows 7. There at my workplace, NVDA recognizes a bigger number of tables while browsing the web than it recognizes here at home. There are several places in some pages where I can't use the control+alt+arrows commands to navigate the tables when I am at home, because NVDA says I'm not at a table cell. Then when I go to the same page there at my workplace, it recognizes such tables normally. I have confirmed that I am using the same settings related to tables at the NVDA document formating section. Do you have an idea what's the explanation for this please?


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