Add-on Updater: October 18th snapshot, ready for more people via a stable version


Hi all,


Two big announcements about Add-on Updater (proof of concept):


Add-on Updater stable version is coming very soon. Originally, I planned to not release a stable version of this add-on due to proof of concept status and to focus on pull request. After listening to feedback coming from various channels (including some enthusiastic feedback), coupled with a need to provide more people with an add-on that can update their ad-on library to latest supported versions (along with gathering more feedback), I decided to prepare Add-on Updater for stable release.


A few things to note about this transition:


  • Add-on Updater entry will be added to add-ons website under stable add-ons section. The biggest change is that this add-on will be shown on the home page.
  • Even with stable designation, work on this add-on (and the corresponding NVDA pull request) is not complete yet.
  • For the time being, “proof of concept” tag will be present.
  • Folks are welcome to provide pull requests for this add-on, and if accepted and formatted for NVDA Core (screen reader pull request, with me doing the formatting), you’ll be given credit for your work.


Second, October 18th snapshot is on its way. Starting from this snapshot, if you happen to disable one or more add-ons, Add-on Updater won’t check for updates for disabled add-ons.





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