Re: NVDA Curiosity

Ron Canazzi

Hi Chris,

In all the programs I use regularly: Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad Plus Plus, Computer, Free Make Video Converter, Soulseek, Winamp, Speak On Media Suite (java based) and ESET Anti-virus, I have noticed no difficulties. I have not had any issues with my NVDA add-ons such as Weather Plus 3.84, Winamp enhancements, Clock and probably a few I can't remember.

I am using a Windows 8.1 system with 12 GB RAM 8 core processor, 1 TB hard drive with external drives, ETC.

On 6/3/2016 2:01 PM, Chris Shook wrote:
This goes along with my last post labeled NVDA devils advocate.
Over the last few days, I've noticed a lot of people pointing out issues with the latest version of NVDA.
For a little perspective, how many people are not having these issues.
So far, everything has worked fine for me.
Is there any one else that is not having any problems with NVDA 2016.2?

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