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To be honest, with the reports about the legal version of that synth having quality issues I am in 2 minds about it.

If I had to use it, the crack is the way I would go.

Fortunately I don't care about that one.

Sadly its also my brick wall I really want some really good sapi synths especially since while yes someone did give me once the old scansoft jaws cd, and yes while thats fine, its not 64 bit and win10 is a bit finiky with that.

The only synth package that would be good enough is vocaliser by code factory, which is 115 bucks, cf's licencing scheme with activations, updates and stuff has been a bit weird though it may have been fixed.

I have looked at other manufacturers.

And while I could buy something for nvda only, espeak is fine for what I need for day to day use.

Day to day use is email, games that don't need real speech, and a few other things.

Obviously my e book reader, daisy book reader and games and programs that use it I would rather not have a bit of robotic crap like espeak is.

On the other side, for day to day tasks, I don't care for the performance the high quality stuff takes to load in and I don't right now have the most updated hardware, actually scratch that.

I have a borderline crappy gen3 piece of junk from 2010.

I would have replaced it by now but with the intel debakle and the fact that I have heard that some stuff just doesn't work as expected and the fact things continue for now to run, I havn't really bothered but I will have to soon.

All that asside, to buy any package other than the code factory stuff, I am looking upwards of 200 + maybe 300 for the acapella stuff.

The rest, well if they are in packages not all of them are, I'd like all voices for a given language, if I had 500-700 bucks I could buy a good set of synths.

I do have that cash but its a huge chunk of cash for a single speech engine.

I want sapi and not all synths even those from are like that.

Right now this gen3 works with win7 but when I upgrade to 10, if the ms stuff doesn't work as I like it I am going to have to buy something.

I am uncertain about the tiflo stuff if its updated, its older vocaliser, but maybe that will be fine.

Then again, old and crappy or old and steady may not be the best especially with the way things seem to be going with win10 releases.

On 10/19/2018 5:14 PM, Jackie wrote:
I rather suspected. That may very well be the problem. That is typical
behavior when a program is not legally purchased. & because that is
the case, I suspect the list moderators, if they're anything like me
on my lists, won't be any too happy about requests for help under
those circumstances. That's pure speculation on my part, of course,
but somehow I don't think I'm too far off the mark, because asking for
help w/illegally obtained software tends to put list owners &
administrators in a very tenuous position.

On 10/18/18, farhan israk <> wrote:
I'm using crack. I have reinstalled it. Problem didn't solve.

On Fri, 19 Oct 2018, 2:16 am Gene, <> wrote:

You may be able to correct the problem but do you care about saving
formatting? You can use control a to select all, copy it to the
then paste it into a word processor or Notepad. You can then save the
pasted document. You can use Notepad if you just want a text file and
don't care about losing formatting. If you save it as a word processor
document, I don't know if you will lose formatting or if it will change.
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*From:* farhan israk <>
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*Subject:* [nvda] Abby fine reader 12

I'm using abby fine reader 12. I'm not able to save file. If I press ctrl
+ s, nothing happens. When I attempt to close abby fine reader, it asks
I want to save or not. After pressing yes and doing everything when I
enter on save, it shows internal error. How to fix it?

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