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OK What seems to be happening is this. The settings are saved when you save settings, but only for the actual voice in Sappi 5. If you use a different voice it seems like the local settings for that voice are replaced by a default. Then if you come back to the old voice once again they are set at the default. However, most of the time if you do not allow save on exit, the old voice you set will be loaded back on a restart with the parameters you set. So. Moral is, do not change the sappi 5 settings by moving the voice then allow nvda to save settings or it will overwrite the old ones.

I suppose Microsoft's Sappi drivers are the culprits here, since only one set of parameters seems to be allowed for every single voice and this cannot be altered from the nvda dialogue once its been reset. and of course that default is then rewritten to nvda if you exit the screenreader with save settings on.
I have no idea if this is fixable by nvda but I'm almost certain I encountered this in Dolphin Supernove when I used it. It had a separate dialogue where you set each individual voice as in that much like the shark different voices could be defined for menus reading etc.
Its a bit awkward when more than one system is attempting to be king of the mountain!

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Yes. Mine do tend to stick between restarts, but if I change the voice for the active SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 synthesizer, speech rate and volume do not stick.

For instance, changing to SAPI 5, then using NVDA+CTRL+left to go to voice, then using NVDA+CTRL+down to change between the voices , all my settings revert to default values.

I've never understood the reason. I don't really use SAPI a lot, but I'd like those options to stick when I do.


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