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Its on the Winamp site Bryan.


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Fine, but where is it at?

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> Hi all.
> Please note, I am going away for a couple weeks from today so don't bother
> responding I will have a lot to deal with in here when I get back.
> But for what its worth, for all those waiting, because of the leaked
> version out there winamp has gone to 5.58 beta and its out.
> Note this is the last ever version of winamp that may be accessible.
> Its the last of the old winamp project and that at least indicates to me
> that everything will be new.
> On the up side this version as well as fixing some of the issues, and
> having no plugin errors is now the last ever work done with aol/nullsoft
> and brings the version up to its gracefull end.
> Even if this is the last accessible version ever, even if after this
> winamp sucks, at least we have everything wanamp was before the change
> over.
> For myself I really hope that winamp 6 lives up to its name and rocks even
> more.

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