Re: Question on settings

Brice Mijares

I'm no expert with NVDA, but I say you'd have to turn key echo off.

On 10/20/2018 2:27 PM, Greg Rhodes wrote:
When I’m in a tree view looking for a document, I type the letter “D: to get to Desktop or Dropbox. NVDA announces “D: Desktop or “D: Dropbox, depending on how many times I’ve hit the letter “D:. What do I change in Settings to get NVDA to just say Desktop, Dropbox, etc and not always preface things with the letter “D”?
Also, when I press NVDA/up arrow, NVDA is reading the line prior to the line where the system focus is located. What do I need to change to get NVDA/up arrow to read the line that I am on?
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