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Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

I always use the custom install and uncheck the visualizations, quick launch icon (which allows Winamp to appear in the system tray) as well as the modern skin support.  Modern skin support caused problems with accessibility with both JAWS and NVDA.

On 10/20/2018 10:39 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I received private correspondence from another member who's had problems with installing Winamp's beta, downloaded directly from the Winamp site.  I have to say that I suspect idiosyncratic issues with the Windows 10 (if you're using 10, otherwise whatever version you are using) installation on the machine.

I used NVDA during the install, and I have Unchecky on my system which runs Win10 Home, 64-bit, Version 1809 [yes, I got an early update that worked], Build 17763.  Here is what I encountered:

Dialog 1:  Opening Dialog, just hit the Next button

Dialog 2:  Install type (Standard versus Custom).  Unchecky, if you're using it, switches any installer that gives standard and custom options to custom, since if there is bundled software the only way it will be exposed for a user to choose or decline is with a custom install.  In the case of Winamp I can report that there is no bundled software, so if you wish to choose the standard install you should be safe.  That being said, you will probably not get the next dialog for choosing components you wish to install, so if you wish to pick and choose, keep/choose the custom option.  I proceeded with Custom.  Next button.

Dialog 3:  Install Location.  Uses the Program Files (x86) Winamp folder, which is precisely as expected.  Next button.

Dialog 4:  Choose Components.  Defaults to Full with all skins, visualizations, etc.  There are three other options to choose from, and no matter which you choose the component tree changes to indicate via checkboxes what components are/are not installed with that option.  You can customize any of them.  I just went with Full.  Next button.

Dialog 5:  Choose Start Options.  Has three checkboxes:  Start Menu Entry, Quick Launch Icon, Desktop Icon.
                Next button

Dialog 6:  This is the last true Winamp dialog, however, you will get another UAC dialog right after you launch Winamp for the first time just like you do when you launch the installer.  The only thing on this dialog is a checkbox asking if you want to launch Winamp when finished and the close (or maybe it was finish) button.

NOTE:  If using NVDA, pay attention to the rising beep indicator to determine when the install is actually complete.  The Winamp installer exposes each and every item during the install to NVDA, so it keeps reading and reading and reading well after Dialog 6 above has been presented and I have no idea how long this might keep going on as I stopped it about 30 seconds or so after I saw that the install had completed (and it did complete when the beep indicator tells you it did).

Brian - Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, Version 1809, Build 17763  

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