Reporting Issues to the NVDA Development Team


I think that what follows would be worth posting when release candidates are released and when an actual full release is released.  A normal part of the software development process is to get bug reports.   Although "zero defects" is the ideal, it is an ideal that I have never seen reached.  While developers love to receive pats on the back, and deserve them, issue/bug reports are not considered a "slap in the face" but a helping hand, as users are certain to encounter things that were not encountered in testing - it goes with the territory.

        The direct link to the Github page for issue reporting for NVDA is:

        If you don't have a Github account you'll need to create on in order to officially log a suspected bug.  When you click through to the page above, what you will be shown is a list of bugs/issues in open status.  The filters edit box will be pre-populated with the following, which should be left there,  "is:issue is:open" and this is what gives you only open issues.  That being said, it's not worth opening a new issue if one already exists identifying your problem.  So, it's well worth putting in a search term (or two) after those prepopulated ones to see if a problem that matches yours may already be logged.  Let's say you have an issue with pronunciation, then enter "pronunciation" (no quotes, of course) after the prepopulated terms and hit Enter.  Now the list shown will be limited to ones that have the word "pronunciation" in their title or actual report text.  You could use search terms like "iTunes", "Firefox", etc., and you can use more than one, so something like "iTunes 12" would be just fine.

         If there's a problem that already matches yours, activate that link to read up on it and/or possibly leave an additional comment to let the developers know that you've also encountered it along with information regarding the operating system, NVDA version, and other details needed to help them track it down and squash the bug.

         If your problem doesn't appear to be in the list, find and activate the "New Issue" button, which will present you with a webpage that places you in an edit box for the title you wish to use (please be specific - titles like "Problem encountered" don't help anyone) and then an edit box where you enter a detailed description.  Ideally, if you can make the problem recur reliably, you give the steps you take to make it occur each time it occurs.

         Doing the above is one way to contribute to the ongoing NVDA development efforts in a very positive way.


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