Re: Advantages of NVDA over narrator on public terminals

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

I agree that NVDA is more intuitive than Narrator in most cases. Narrator on Windows 10 does work quite well.  At this point, the keystrokes are so different than NVDA that I keep forgetting how to use them every time I experiment with Narrator.  I bet if I had started out with Narrator, I would find it quite usable with Windows 10.

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If you are installing it, then in my view the nvda system is much faster and more intuitive. The number of people who know how to use Narrator productively are small.
However if you are envisaging allowing users to use it as a portable solution, then on windows 10, NVDA cannot access stuff that Narrator can, simply because it has no access to the internal API for security reasons. It was better on Windows 7 though, as that narrator was very awful and NVDA did not have to rely on uia as much.

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Subject: [nvda] Advantages of NVDA over narrator on public terminals

Hi guys,

I got asked this question about the advantages of NVDA over Narrator on public terminals where ever these may be...

I am talking about public terminals that the sighted can use where ever these may be. Places like libraries, information centres airports (where these terminals are) as well etcetera. The commercial screen readers are not in the picture because of price.

The question is below:

" My question to you is what advantages would it give our blind or visually impaired customers having both Windows 10 Narrator and NVDA available to use on public computers? I would be interested in supporting installing it at if there were advantages and we could work thru any technical issues. Let me know what you think".

This same question could also come up at any IT department that is approached to install NVDA to a public terminal (where ever these may be). The above is used as an example.

I am guessing that for any technical information - that could be pointed towards the developers of the NVDA project.

They could be using a windows 7 machine right up to Windows 10.

Looking forward to your feedback on advantages of NVDA over Narrator. Thanks everyone.

Gene NZ

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