Re: NVDA success ( originally Curiosity)


Gene wrote:  "And the original message didn't ask for messages of thanks or appreciation.  It asked how many people are not having problems with NVDA.  That is an entirely different request."

Exactly.  And this goes back to a case where I am in absolute agreement with you regarding thread titles.  Putting "atta boys! (and girls, too)" in a thread that is a genuine attempt to see if others are encountering the same issue or issues in general with a release is a direct slap in the face to those having the troubles and trying their best to see if it might be idiosyncratic or more broadly based.

I've been a programmer.  It's nice to have praise and if you, for any you, want to start a thread for that purpose have at it.  Don't hijack an issue identification thread because you think that the developers don't hear enough praise.  That's not what they're paid (or volunteer) for and knowing what may be wrong is more helpful for creating a better and better product!

P.S. The irony of my post and Gene's appearing in a thread that was specifically started as a praise thread is not lost on me.  I also don't think this thread is a bad idea, either.


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