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Waqas Ramzan

Ghanks a lot for your promlt reply. I'll follow the both references

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My advice would be to learn LaTeX. There are excellent tutorials online, for
Although this one needs to be supplemented by other material that covers
writing mathematical content.

I would also recommend subscribing to the mailing list
and asking further questions there.

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Good day fellows,
Posting here for the first time although member for 2 years.
Is anyone here experienced with reading and writing Mathematical content.
Which software do you use and how is its accessibility with our beloved
NVDA? I've heard of something called Math ML but I think we cannot directly
write something in Math ML. And there exists a software called MatLab that
is used widely. Can we use it with NVDA?
Please do not recommend Ms Excel as it's more of a database thing. I want
actual math writing same as on paper. Proper placement of exponents, base,
whole, underroot etc.
Looking forward for your valuable recommendations.
Warm Regards,

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