java access bridge

Pete <emac00@...>

two things about manually activating java access bridge on windows. Depending on 32 or 64 bit version of windows the windows access bridge 32 dll file needs to be copied to the windows system32 folder for the 32 bit windows version and the windows access bridge 64 dll file needs to be copied to the windows syswow64 folder for the 64 bit version of windows. Additionally the file in the Java \ jre [what ever version U have] \ lib folder needs to be edited and the lines for the access bridge need to be uncommented.
For some unknown reason to me the java installers do not copy the windows access bridge 32 or 64 files to the system folders on windows. I also found the ease of access applet not to be effective in enabling java access bridge.
I participated in an access bridge discussion in the past on this list. Apparently no one knows why java access bridge is not fully installed by the java installers. Not sure who is developing java now but no one has seen fit to write me back with answers to my questions about this.

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