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Ralf Kefferpuetz

Or you cann assign a hotkey for the speech viewer. It toggles the speech window on or off…


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You can alt+tab to the speech viewer and then alt+f4 to close it.  The speech view shows a transcript of what NVDA reads.  Visually it sits on top of other windows so it is always visible - using the mouse, you can click on the window instead of alt+tabbing to it, but you then still need to alt+f4 to close it. You can also close it from NVDA's tools menu (the same way you opened it).


Having said that, it shouldn't stop you opening another NVDA window - I just opened speech viewer and then opened the general settings window and it happily let me have both open.  Have you perhaps got an NVDA settings window open already?






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It gives you a window where you can review what was spoken from NVDA.


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What does speech viewer do? I have never used it.


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Well think about this for a moment. You do not want to close that window

using normal things so as far as I'm aware, alt/f4 closes it. If any other

combination was use it might go away when its actually needed!




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Is there a way to close the Speech Viewer? Whenever it is up, I can't bring

up the NVDA dialog (via Insert N) to change settings. I am given an error

message that another dialog is already open, and am forced to close NVDA.





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