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I understand, but by the time a properly developed and tested program reaches release, it will have been tested enough that it is expected to function properly or without significant problems for most users.  That's why there are snapshots released more than once a week for testing during development and that's why betas are released before development. 
Some people like to test programs while in development.  they may have annoyances or problems because of bugs while the program is being developed.  Interested people may spot problems or express dissatisfaction with some aspects of the program during that time.  for people who want reliability and who don't want to test, the final release version is the most likely to be the most bugg-free and reliable in the development of the current version. 
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Just to clarify, I only asked how many people were not having problems
with the new NVDA because people that are having problems with the new
NVDA usually report them. I wanted to see if problems were just with a
few people or the majority.

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