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Thank you. That was very helpful. How can I stop the Say All to select an item that was just read?


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Re changing the speed, do you mean you've adjusted NVDA's speech rate generally (with NVDA+control+arrows or via the voice settings) but say all is still fast?


Say All uses its own configuration profile, so it is possible to have it read differently to when you are navigating around a document with the arrows, for instance.  You can even have it use a different synthesizer if you want.


To customise how Say All reads:


1) Press NVDA+control+p to open the configuration profiles dialog (or press NVDA+n, then C).

2) Press down arrow to find the one called "Say All".

3) Tab once to "Manual activate" and press enter.  The profile is loaded, and the dialog closes.

4) NVDA is now using the Say All profile.  Make any changes you like, adjust the speed, change the synthesizer or the punctuation level etc as you would normally.

5) Open the configuration profiles dialog again (NVDA+control+p or NVDA+n then c).

6) Press TAB once to the "Manual deactivate" button and press enter to close the profile.  NVDA returns to the normal profile, and will use the settings you just adjusted when you use Say all.


You can use the same steps to edit any other profiles.  You can also create profiles and have them triggered when you load certain applications.  To do that, first start the program you want to trigger a profile, then go into the configuration profiles dialog, create a "New" profile with the button marked new, tab to "Use this profile for", then right arrow to "current application (name)" and enter.


Any time you are in that program now, the profile you setup is used.  The difference with say all is that because the profile is used whenever you are in that program, to make changes to the profile, simply make them while that program is active - eg if you have a profile for Firefox, when in Firefox, if you slow the speech rate down, that change will be made in the firefox profile, and will take effect whenever you are in Firefox from now on.







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Suppose as the screen reader is reading through a bunch of links (which it does VERY quickly), I want to stop it at a certain link and select it. What is the most efficient approach?


Also, is there a way to slow the reading of the Say All metadata? I have selected the appropriate speed in the NVDA setup menu, but it only applies this reduced speed to the actual screen text, and NOT the metadata.




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