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Finereader 14 definitely improved. It can now also OCR documents with IPA symbols,  which is important for people who are studieing a course or field in which these symbols are used frequently.

On 10/22/2018 1:08 PM, Gene wrote:
Have you seen any meaningful or even minor improvements in OCR quality for quite sometime when you upgrade?  I haven't followed this for a number of years but when I did follow it, it seemed that little or no meaningful improvement occurred for years starting perhaps seven or eight or ten years ago.  At some point, meaningful improvements in OCR will occur but I doubt any have, at least regarding Fine Reader and Kurzweil for quite some time.  Open book is very seldom upgraded so, though no meaningful OCR improvements may be made, it may not matter since they are so infrequent.  But you still might want to try a demo before upgrading with any of these programs.
People shouldn't reflexively assume that upgrades will benefit them.  There are programs that should be upgraded for security reasons and programs that may add and improve features but if you don't use those features, it doesn't matter.
So, while Kurzweil, for example, may add or improve a feature, do you use it and is its main purpose, OCR, any better?
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Is one or other of these easier or more convenient for a blind user wanting to scan and read mail like bills and bank statements?

As convenient as K100 is, it is getting expensive, even the upgrades here in Canada have become rediculous.



Dale Leavens
> On Oct 22, 2018, at 6:55 AM, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:
> FineReader, from Abbyy, and OmniPage, from Nuance, are the two best OCR in the world...
> Which is the best? Maybe anyone knows... Both are very, very good!
> Rui Fontes
> Às 04:03 de 22/10/2018, enes sarıbaş escreveu:
>> hi all,
>> Is finereader the best OCR package available? Or are there better ones?

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