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My university could do this as well, however, this has been useful mainly for books I have to read in my subject. OCRing articles would take quite a while, and there isn't a way for me to determine all the articles I will need for the assignments I am completing. It only becomes evident after I do a literature search. The university subscribes to online databases, so alot of stuff, such as from the cambridge Core library, is accessible in book format. However, those books not available in databases is challenging.

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Whilst I was undertaking my Ph.D., the university corrected and formatted the OCR output for me before I read it, which eliminated the issues you’re describing. In my current work, I generally cite the entire papers rather than individual page numbers, as is customary in the relevant disciplines.


For access to figures, again, the best solution is for someone to write figure descriptions. Another option might be to use a service such as Aira, if it’s available in your country/region.


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Footnotes can be annoying yes. The reason I don't switch the file to word is that I will lose the page number info, which is required if I direct quote the article. I am doing my masters. Hoping to continue onto a ph.d as well, therefore it is important that I figure this stuff out as early as possible. The main problem I face is accessing figures accessibly, as they cut across the text of random pages, and nvda will start reading the values in a random order. I would be grateful if you could share tips for managing reading articles, keeping track of page numbers etc. The other problem is that nvda will not correctly read IPA symbols in journal articles and books which is impairing my understanding of an essay topic, which is due in 10 days. Also, could you tell me how you track page numbers when you have to OCR a document, and the page numbers change, or when nvda reported numbers and actual numbers are different?


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It is a little unclear what you mean. Are you talking about the proprietary header/ footer identifiers in many  PDF versions of Journals?

When I was doing my PhD, if there were annoying header ore  footer information labels, I would simply transfer all the text to something like MS Word,  or even Wordpad, select and copy the footer text  and then press control G  to simply find and replace all the instances of the footer/header  text  with a space.

This would certainly give you a smoother reading experience with NVDA say all function though it may be important to retain any page number information for referencing purposes.

You can specify how NVDA treats numbers in settings so this should not be specific to any document type.

David Griffith


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Subject: [nvda] reading journal articles with nvda


hi all,


So as I have started my masters, I have to read many journal articles

with nvda. Is there special settings in nvda I need to select to prevent

nvda from reading the grant information, or author information in the

middle of random pages in the article? Or to make it read figures properly?






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