Re: can't exit out of winamp

Rosemarie Chavarria

Pressing the alt key and arrowing up to C and hitting enter would close the program but I couldn't even do that in the new version.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] can't exit out of winamp


I don't know about the new version of Winamp.  In the old versions, presssing just alt by itself brings up a menu something like what is referred to as the system menu.  You will see, if you up or down arrow through the menu, a close item.  the command for it is c. 

But when I tried c, it didn't work.  Press alt, up arrow, its much shorter, until you get to close and press enter.  Does that close the program? 


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Subject: [nvda] can't exit out of winamp


Hi, everyone,


I tried exiting winamp but this new version isn't responding. Is there a different way to get out? I tried alt f-4 and x but it didn't work. To be honest, I hate this version of winamp!





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