Re: NVDA and VirtualBox

John Isige

I'm pretty sure I recall one of the devs saying that you have to use the
command line to set up a virtual machine with it. I think at least one
of them uses/used it to test.

On 10/22/2018 23:52, Kelly wrote:

This is long before you get to any virtual environment.  This loss of
functionality happens as soon as you open the VirtualBox user
experience for machine creation and management.


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At what point in using NVDA are you experiencing issues? Once a
Virtual Environment is active all user interaction is usually expected
to be controlled by the remote environment. Also, have you checked to
see if NVDA is in sleep mode? It is possible thatsleep mode should be
enabled when the window containing the virtual environment is active,
but in fact all virtual box windows are causing the local NVDA to sleep.

Jonathan Cohn

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I recently tried NVDA with VirtualBox <> and
found that the NVDA keyboard commands simply quit working.  Browsing
the NVDA issue tracker, the closest issue match I found talked about
VirtualBox crashing with NVDA back in 2015.  See

I’m not finding things crashing at this point but NVDA doesn’t read
anything as I tab and again all the keyboard commands quit working.

The earlier issue was closed as a VirtualBox issue.  My guess would be
this experience I’m having is likely still from the same issues as
caused the first to be closed.

What are the experiences of others here if you have tried VirtualBox


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