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Quentin Christensen

HI Farhan,

In Windows 10:
1) Press WINDOWS+E to open File Explorer
2) Press alt+d to go to the address bar (File Explorer has an address bar now)
3) type: %temp% and press ENTER (That's the word temp with a percent sign before and after)
4) In the folder that opens, look for "nvda.log" and "nvda-old.log"  they are your last two NVDA logs (or current and last if NVDA is currently running).
5) Copy whichever one has the relevant information and paste it into a message / add it as an attachment to me at info@... (you can reply here if you paste the text in the body, but if you attach the file itself, send it to me directly as you can't send attachments to the group).



On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 9:47 PM farhan israk <> wrote:

I started using Windows 10 in January, 2018. Since then I'm facing this problem. I don't use insider version. I use stable version of Windows 10 and regularly update it. Now I'm using Windows 10 1803. For this reason I use jaws. There I don't face this type of problem. But, I want to use nvda. How to send debug log?

On Tue, 23 Oct 2018, 2:02 pm Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
You have to admire the creativity of auto spell check sometimes, How a mis
spelling of the word sighted, became segregated is anyone's guess.
 Still it could have been worse, it could have put in a rude word instead!
 grin. Brian

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> Yes sometimes it seems that nvda is reading an old buffer. I seem to think
> some recent work is going on in this regard actually, but normally, simply
> bringing up a menu, then cancelling it will wake up the new buffer. I'm
> not sure why this sometimes happens but suspect nvda is reading a large
> amount of text its already  buffered for reading and has missed the fact
> that the text has gone as this is in the web page buffer, not the nvda
> speech one.
> As for announcing about emails coming in, this is what segregated people
> might see in the tray or via a balloon or whatever alert type is used. I
> suspect that this can be turned off in two ways, You can do it globally in
> the settings of nvda, which in my view is dangerous, or in the software
> that is sending them, ie do not put alerts in ... add where according to
> the software here!
> Dropbox is always doing this as its active all the time and if you have
> shared folders when somebody changes something on one of those you get an
> alert about it.
> Brian
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> Subject: [nvda] Sometimes I Can't Stop NVDA
> Hello,
> Is there anyway to stop NVDA from start announcing my emails when I am
> viewing a web page?
> Also, when I switch to another web page, it still keep reading out the
> contents of the previous web page. What do I need to do to get NVDA to
> cancel the old context and switch to the new context?
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