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It is definitely hard to put yourself in somebody elses shoes and if you like, see the wood for the trees without spending a fair amount of time with that person and that is sadly not always possible in these busy days. Its hard also to teach organised thinking. Many people are pretty random and do not look at what they need to do with an overview so they can work to a logical method that shows progress in the learning enough to not lose confidence that they can do it.

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Most commands that uses Numpad are shifted to main keyboard area on laptop
layout. In a way, the laptop layo8ut commands makes slightly more sense
(especially object navigation commands, but that's a bit ahead of the story
at the moment).

Speaking of commands, tasks and what not: if I'm not mistaken, based on
conversations we had so far, I think you're having a conflict between an
important task or two at hand and suddenly being thrusted into a new screen
reader world. Am I correct? If yes, I advise focusing more on the task at
hand and how to accomplish it using concepts and commands more than keyboard

To others: some of you might say that it is important to teach people how to
use screen readers and commands. I'd argue that, sometimes it is better to
let people focus on their work more than the technology that gives them
access to information on screen. For this reason, a screen reader expert (or
a prospective one) must not only become a teacher, but also a counsellor
willing to listen, diagnose, and offer pragmatic solutions that fits the
context at hand. Many expert certification programs (including the one
offered by NV Access) tells you how things work and what to do for given
situations (or simulations), but they won't teach you how to become a good
listener and diagnosing issues beyond the technology they're teaching;
becoming a good listener and able to recognize, diagnose, and offer
solutions and advice for issues beyond NVDA takes time to master (and even
if we try to teach uniformity, people have different worldviews within their
minds and souls).

I may need to devote an entire thread regarding what it truly means to be an
NVDA expert and influential add-on developer.



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Subject: [nvda] Switching from Desktop to Laptop Keyboard


I have been using NVDA on a laptop that is connected to an external

I need to temporarily travel, and will need to use the native laptop

Am I need to go through a complete learning curve again ( I see from the
user's guide that many of the commands are different) or is there nay
workaround or tips on this?


Rechell Schwartz

Guardian Life Insurance Companyn

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