Best settings to use Windows10's Mail app with latest NVDA?

Gerardo Corripio

Last night, I debued a new Laptop with Windows10, and am using its Mail app. HOwever I?d like to see what settings you’drecommend to get the best working experience? Firstly let’s say I?reading Emails a thread, and when the thread ends, it seems to put me out of the Email bodies, with the button that in Spanish, atlesat, it says something about Navigation expended, orNavigation contracted.I’d like for the Mail program, like it has donewith allthe Mail programs I’ve used over the yearsI’ve been using Windows, to until I’mdone Reading all the Emails, it’ll take out of the theirbodies. My method is to first delete all the ones that don’t seeminteresting, and only readthe apparently interesting ones. Can this be done? And lastly the most frustratingexperience I’m having with the Windows10Mail app is that NVDA doesn’tread the words upon spacing! Yes I’veactivated and deactivated the option of NVDA+3, with nodifference! So what tips/tricks do you guys recommend to get the most out of Windows10’s Mail app?


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