Re: The hearing of following controls in NVDA are they in the pipeline? in a future release?



Formatting verbosity: this can be done via document formatting checkboxes (except a few which are combo boxes). At the moment some of us are thinking about redesigning this whole screen.

Focus context presentation: this has to do with what’s called “focus ancestry” where the screen reader will look at object hierarchy for the currently focused control (the path taken to go from foreground window to the focused control if object navigation is used).

Announcing control type before control label: I believe someone did investigate this for NVDA a while back.

Regarding all these: they are not new; they’ve been with us since Windows 10 Version 1703 (original Creators Update released in April 2017).




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Subject: [nvda] The hearing of following controls in NVDA are they in the pipeline? in a future release?


Hi guys


I have been looking through the latest version of narrator that comes with Windows 10 version 1809 I think it is.

I am not a narrator user but was curious to see what type of work they have been doing and if it would suit the needs of a visually impaired or blind person on a public terminal if they are running the latest version of Windows.


But not all public terminals are on the latest Windows 10.

Which was the question asked on another thread for gathering information but this one was to see what type of work they have done that is not in NVDA.



While looking up commands etc and seeing if it will meet the needs for a public terminal if they are running the latest version of Windows I came across the following.

I know these commands are not in NVDA yet but was surprised they were in narrator.


it is to do with the following


change the level of verbosity



Narrator provides different levels of detail about the characteristics of text, known as verbosity. To change the level of verbosity, press Caps lock + A until you hear the level that you want.

• Verbosity level 0. Hear only text.

• Verbosity level 1. Hear basics such as heading levels, and errors in documents such as spelling and grammar. This is the default level.

• Verbosity level 2. Hear formatting frequently found on webpages and in email, such as bullet styles, text bold, underline, italic, subscript, superscript, and color.

• Verbosity level 3. Hear additional annotations, such as document headers and footers.

• Verbosity level 4. Hear extended formatting, such as font name, size, and other list styles.

• Verbosity level 5. Hear layout and animation information, such as the type of animation, whether a paragraph starts with an indent or not, and more.


I was wondering how the work is going on this for nvda? I know at present we can setup profiles but that is more for application like one at a time.


I then came across the following where you can hear what type of control it is and if it is heard before or after like with buttons etc.


Adjust order of context reading for buttons and other controls Before controls

This does not worry me but some people it does if herd before or after.



It gave some options under this control called


Change the level of context Narrator provides for buttons and other controls 2 - Immediate context


the first was sound only, the second was  Immediate context the third was 3 - Immediate context name and type,  4 - Full context of new control


Under the following setting it gave a simular 6 options which was called Change the level of detail Narrator provides about text 1 - Headers and e

if you want to see what i am talking about on a windows 10version 1809 machine in the search box type narrator settings then tab through them for those other settings.

I discounted the stuff nvda already has in it.


Gene nz








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