Re: discord accessibility

Michael Buchan

  Although I do certainly agree that discord is working on bringing accessibility to their platform (take the IOS app as an example, where a bit less than a year ago you couldn't even read messages and now you can) I must admit, the fact that these features and fixes are getting implemented soooooo slowly warrants the creation of an addon. The fact that Discord is an electron app adds to this, as I imagine, though I could be totally wrong, that most of the information needed is already their, but it isn't exposed through the aria specification in any way, meaning an addon for NVDA to derive this information from what is given out is definitely possible.

  As somebody who loves python, loves open source projects, loves Discord and above all, loves NVDA, I've been meaning to look into addon development myself for a while now and I may use Discord as a jumping off point once I've figured out the ins and outs of developing an addon.

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On 22 Oct 2018, at 2:24 pm, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:

Why develop an add on when built in accessibility is better? The developers are slowly, and I do mean slowly, working on accessibility fixes for screen readers. Contact them and let them know. An add-on can't be created from a totally inaccessible program, one NVDA can't even read. The tweet is below.

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