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Hello Brian:

The scenario you describe typically happens because, with today's high
resolution, wide-screen monitors, Word can display 2 pages side-by-side. If
this is the case, hitting down arrow on page 1 moves to page 3, and if the
document is only 2 pages long, it does nothing. Frankly, I think this is a
bad design choice for Microsoft.

To fix this, navigate to the status bar (by pressing F6). You may have to
hit F6 more than once if you have some other panes active. Once on the
status bar, press tab until you hear Zoom In. Press the spacebar several
times to zoom in, essentially changing the viewing size of a document. Press
tab one more time to find out the exact zoom level. I find that 130 to 140 %
will ensure that only a single page is displayed.

This should fix your situation. Now that only one page is displayed on the
screen, down and up arrow across page breaks should not skip pages.

Regards, Rick

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Has anyone noticed that some Word docs when you encounter a page break,
either will not go past it, or seem to suddenly start reading the wrong
page, like skipping page 2 and starting page 3?
If you go into browse mode of course the navigation works fine again.
It can be a little annoying when editing text near the page break.
Most of these docs are in older Word template formats. Since I do not have
newer versions, it may well be that this is fixed there.
Just wondered if anyone else had come across this strangeness. Of course
not being to see it every time is a little bit annoying as its hard to
suggest how to duplicate it for any debugging. Its on the latest stable

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