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Quentin Christensen

Hi Clarissa,

I haven't encountered that one before, would it be possible please to get a copy of your log, ideally at debug level, to investigate?

If you press NVDA+Q then down arrow to "Restart with debug logging" and press ENTER, NVDA will restart and collect more information in the log.  Then, if you can recreate the issue (find an image, press NVDA+R and get the error), then press NVDA+F1 to open the log, and copy the contents (CONTROL+A to select all, then CONTROL+C to copy) into an email to me (CONTROL+V to paste in the body of the message, ideally with a few words of explanation) and email to info@..., I'll have a look further.  

The only two questions I can think of at this stage are:

- Do you have the OCR add-on installed?  If so, try uninstalling that as it may be interfering.
- If you have just recently installed NVDA, have you restarted the computer?  If not, try restarting the PC then see if the problem persists.  Otherwise, I'm interested to get to the bottom of it.

Kind regards


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 12:39 PM Clarissa Mitchell <MusicGirl712@...> wrote:
Hello all. I've heard that NVDA is supposed to work with the built-in
OCR feature of Windows 10, but whenever I try to press insert+r it
says "recognizer not found." What does this mean? Do I need to do
something specific in order to get OCR working? I'm using the latest
NVDA with the latest Windows 10 build.

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