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Rosemarie Chavarria

Thanks for this info. I'll give this new version another try.

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Hi Rose Marie,

To download Winamp app via Ninite page:

Winamp updated to

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

Do NVDA+Ctrl+f
search on the page:

Check this check box called Winamp .

Search on the page the word get

this a button
Get Your Ninite

Click enter on this button to download Ninite .exe file.

Just run the Ninite .exe and relax. Ninite's automation will install the apps in the background and without any toolbars or junk.

Use tab to move in this dialog.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
Wait a moment, once the installation is finished just tab, and hit the Close button.

Run Winamp shortcut on your desktop

A first dialog box appears:
Use tab to move in this dialog.

Winamp 5.8 Build 3660

Add Media to Library dialogue You currently have nothing in your library. To add media, select from the options below.

Add Media to Library button

Do not show me this again check box not checked

Just hit space bar so that this dialogue does not appear again.

Close button

Just hit Close button to close this dialog.

Learn More About Winamp button

Wait a moment...

Dialog 1: Opening Dialog: Winamp v5.8 Build 3660 Setup Choose the look and feel for your Winamp.

This first item is selected by default:
Bento Skin
down arrow until:
Winamp Classic
Tabing and hit the Next button
Dialog 2: Opening Dialog: Winamp v5.8 Build 3660 Setup² Select the file types you want to be associated with Winamp. To associate files with Winamp on this version of Windows, you need to go to 'Set Default Programs' in the Control Panel once Winamp's setup is complete. Note: This can also be accessed via Winamp's 'File Types'
preferences page.

Launch Winamp for Audio CDs check box checked (by default) Show Winamp in the folder context menus in Windows Explorer check box checked (by default) Enable Winamp Agent check box not checked (by default)

For me all options by default are fine!
Tabing and hit the Finish button

If you are in the main window of Winamp
To exit Winamp, just hit context menus(applications key) and choose the option Exit Alt+F4 Here you will find other options to configure Winamp, I leave it to your criteria, I am not an expert.

Probably, if you do not work the Winamp do Shift + tab to put the focus in the main window.

Last thing...

If you have a USB device, a dialog appears:
Winamp Portable Music Player Support
Choose yes or no, button, but the truth to me did not work, but, do not worry, if you close the computer, you will have to close the dialogue.

I know that there is a NVDA add-on for Winamp, but it is discontinued by the author, but it could be that it helps you:
extendedWinamp - NVDA add-ons

Winamp 5.8
* New: Windows Audio (WASAPI) Output plug-in (w.i.p.)
* Improved: Added an option to completely disable Winamp's video support
* Improved: Added an auto-fullscreen option to video prefs
* Improved: Added /ENUMPLAYLISTS to the command-line support
* Improved: Windows 8.1 and 10 compatibility
* Improved: [in_mod] OpenMPT-based Module Player (replaces old MikMod
* Improved: [ml_playlists] Added browse path & edit title functions in
Ctrl+E editor
* Improved: [Bento] Updated scrollbars and buttons and other tweaks (thanks Martin)
* Improved: [Bento & Modern skins] Added a Playlist Search feature (thanks Victor)
* Fixed: New URLs not being remembered after using Reset history in Open URL dialog
* Fixed: Various memory leaks
* Fixed: [gen_tray] Not showing correct current icon pack in preferences
* Fixed: [in_avi] Divide-by-zero crash with badly formed files (thanks
* Fixed: [in_mp3] Crashing with some ID3v2 tags
* Fixed: [ml_wire] Slow loading issue
* Fixed: [ssdp] Crash on load if jnetlib was not correctly initialized
* Misc: Minimum required OS is now Win XP sp3 (Windows 7 or higher
* Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: Moved shared DLLs to Winamp\Shared folder
* Removed: All former "Pro" licensed functions (Winamp is now 100% freeware again)
* Removed: gen_jumpex & UnicodeTaskbarFix (making way for native
* Removed: [in_wm] DRM support
* Replaced: CD playback and ripping now using native Windows API (instead of Sonic)
* Replaced: MP3 Decoder now mpg123 based (instead of Fraunhofer)
* Replaced: AAC Decoder now using Media Foundation (Vista and higher)
* Replaced: H.264 Decoder now using Media Foundation (Vista and higher)
* Replaced: MPEG-4 Pt.2 Decoder now using Media Foundation (Vista and
* Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg 1.3.3 & libvorbis 1.3.6
* Updated: [libFLAC] FLAC 1.3.2
* Updated: [libyajl] libyajl v2.1.0
* Updated: [OpenSSL] OpenSSL v1.0.1i
* Updated: [png] libpng v1.5.24

Tested with NVDA last version, Win10 Home, 64-bit, Version 1803

Other useful links:
Winamp: | Downloads for Winamp 5.8.3660 beta
Ninite Winamp Unattended Silent Installer and Updater This installer includes Winamp 1. Download
Your installer will begin downloading shortly.
2. Run
Just run the Ninite .exe and relax. Ninite's automation will install the apps in the background and without any toolbars or junk.

Hope this can help you.
Cheers since France.

Le 24/10/2018 à 00:36, Rosemarie Chavarria a écrit :
I had the classic skin but it still didn't work. That's why I went back to the older version.

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For me, the new Winamp behaves like the old one, including being able to exit the program with alt+F4 as I have always done. I am using the Winamp Classic skin, that might make a difference.
Bye for now!
From Clare
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Well, thanks for the heads up on the new win amp. I'll stick with the old version until all problems have been resolved.

On 10/22/2018 6:43 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
That didn't work either. I just tried it.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] can't exit out of winamp

You may try alt space bar follow by c.

On 10/22/2018 6:37 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
Hi, everyone,

I tried exiting winamp but this new version isn't responding. Is
there a different way to get out? I tried alt f-4 and x but it didn't work.
To be honest, I hate this version of winamp!


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