Re: Audioducking sticks after NVDA stops speaking?

Gerardo Corripio

OH wow I didn’t realice Audioducking has a shortcut! Thanks for the tip! Yes I tried it and yes it switches among the options! Thanks again!


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You probably are aware of the shortcut and what it does.


But there depending which one you choose will always duck or only when nvda speaks. But it also says about certain synths.


Audio Ducking Mode
Key: NVDA+shift+d
On Windows 8 and above, this option allows you to choose if NVDA should lower the volume of other applications while NVDA is speaking, or all the time while NVDA is running.
• No Ducking: NVDA will never lower the volume of other audio.
• Duck when outputting speech and sounds: NVDA will only lower the volume of other audio when NVDA is speaking or playing sounds. This may not work for all synthesizers.
• Always duck: NVDA will keep the volume of other audio lower the whole time NVDA is running.
This option is only available if NVDA has been installed. It is not possible to support audio ducking for portable and temporary copies of NVDA.


Gene nz



On 26/10/2018 7:06 AM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

Let’s say I opened up an Audio file; I’ve enabled Audioducking in NVDA, thus when the file starts playing (it defaults to the Groove player) Audioducking remains on, even though NVDA has finished speaking, until I press one of the arrows! Is this normal? Is there a setting to set up how long Audio-ducking should remain on or turn off, after NVDA stops speaking?Audio


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