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Quentin Christensen

Re clickable, the comments from everyone seem divided between "it can be really useful so I leave it on" and "it's really annoying and not useful most of the time, get rid of it".  I think it perhaps also depends on the sites you visit and how readily you turn out of superfluous information being read.  A very good example of that people are much more likely to complain about what doesn't work than praise what does - I think all the feedback we had received on clickable previously had been about how annoying it was and that it read clickable when it really wasn't helpful.

Re predictive text Adriani, I must admit I hadn't used it myself until someone asked last week and I tried it out.  I think if you are proficient with a physical keyboard, it's probably not so useful for an average user on PC where you are most likely already typing on a physical keyboard.  But it could definitely be a lifesaver for some users so it's good that it's there.

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Its better than saying nothing. Sometimes in the shark these are also
ambiguous, one suspects because the info exposed on what they do is
incomplete and so one has to just indicate they are there to supposedly do
something. I often wonder at the logic of page design when nobody knows
quite what they will get when they use a control.

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Hey Quentin,

I am replying to this e-mail after reading the last in-process.

For me at least, saying “clickable” does not help in deducting if I have to
do it or not. In fact, most times “clickable” does not perform an action at
all when pressing enter on it.

Regarding profiles, i am using profiles for MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook
and Firefox. At work I am using profiles for SAP web based services because
they have thousants of tables which in fact are only layout tables but NVDA
recognize them as normal tables. So I have to use profiles to disable tables
because otherwise I get crazy when navigating through the complex pages.

Windows 10 predictible text is a new function to me, but I find it more
useful for tablests and smartfones. I don’t use it on normal keyboards. But
I guess it is a very good feature for people with motoric disabilities.



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Hi everyone,

This week's In-Process is out. Today, we have more information about the
recently released NVDA 2018.3.2, a shout out to GlitchedVision for his
innovative fundraiser, and not one but two quick tutorials - on
Configuration Profiles, & Predictive Text in Windows 10. Enjoy!




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Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

Official NVDA Training modules and expert certification now available:

Twitter: @NVAccess 

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