Re: bug with new Windows 10 App Essentials

Jacob Kruger

John, are you initiating a search from the address bar, or from the text box in the google landing page?

Instead of hitting alt + tab, what does it announce if you hit F6 once or twice, depending on which toolbars you have enabled?

I have just installed updates to win 10 app essentials, just fired up google chrome 69.0, typed a search in the address bar, hit enter, and, it had already focused on document contents, but, at times, when I enter other specific webpage addresses, I do use the F6 key to jump past bookmarks toolbar, and, landin the document itself.

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On 2018-10-27 10:45 PM, Don H wrote:
Running latest NVDA on Win 10 1809.  Installed update to Windows 10 App Essentials and restarted NVDA as requested.  After seeing this bug I did a reboot of my computer that did not change the problem.
Using Google Chrome in the past I could start Google Chrome type in a search and hit enter.  I then could use the h key to move through the results.  Now the only way to get to the results is to hit alt tab to get to it.  I disabled the new Windows 10 App Essentials and it went back to what I had before.

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