Re: bug with new Windows 10 App Essentials

Don H

OK I think I was the original person to bring up this issue.

I am running Win 10 1809 on one machine and win 10 1803 on another.  This bug happens on both machines.  I am also running the latest released version of NVDA, Win 10 App Essentials  and Google Chrome.  To cause this bug you must have the Show Bookmarks Bar enabled under the Google Chrome settings.

Here are the steps I take to have the bug.

I open Google Chrome.

I type in my search term or web address and hit enter

I hit either the h or k keys to try to review the search results or web page.

NVDA only says h or k for the key I pressed

I then have to hit alt tab to get focus on the search results or web page

I then can use the h or k key to review the results.

Hitting F6 once or multiple times does not resolve the bug

This bug did not occur with earlier versions of Win 10 App Essentials.

Don Hert

Quincy IL

On 10/29/2018 1:13 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
John, are you initiating a search from the address bar, or from the text box in the google landing page?

Instead of hitting alt + tab, what does it announce if you hit F6 once or twice, depending on which toolbars you have enabled?

I have just installed updates to win 10 app essentials, just fired up google chrome 69.0, typed a search in the address bar, hit enter, and, it had already focused on document contents, but, at times, when I enter other specific webpage addresses, I do use the F6 key to jump past bookmarks toolbar, and, landin the document itself.

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On 2018-10-27 10:45 PM, Don H wrote:
Running latest NVDA on Win 10 1809. Installed update to Windows 10 App Essentials and restarted NVDA as requested.  After seeing this bug I did a reboot of my computer that did not change the problem.
Using Google Chrome in the past I could start Google Chrome type in a search and hit enter.  I then could use the h key to move through the results.  Now the only way to get to the results is to hit alt tab to get to it.  I disabled the new Windows 10 App Essentials and it went back to what I had before.

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